Flood Risk Sequential Test Assessments

Flood Risk Sequential Test Assessments


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You can trust our team of specialists to take care of your flood risk needs. Our experts at One Planning Consultants have carried out extensive Flood Risk Sequential Testing for large-scale developments, and partner with engineers who can undertake Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs).

What is Flood Risk Sequential Testing and why may you need it?

The sequential test aims to ensure that a development does not take place in an area with a high risk of flooding when other available nearby sites of lower risk could meet the needs of your proposed development. This applies to tidal and fluvial flood risk and also surface water (pluvial) flood risk.

If you plan to locate new housing development within Flood Zones 2 or 3, the Local Planning Authority and Environment Agency may ask you to carry out a Flood Risk Sequential Test Assessment. Where the site falls within Flood Zone 3, the Local Planning Authority will also require an Exception Test Assessment to be undertaken.  Both assessments must be satisfied in order to allow the grant of planning permission.

Flood Risk Sequential Test Assessments can often be complex and time intensive, requiring significant research.

You can find out here which Flood Zone your site is in.

How we can assist you

We strongly advise this work is undertaken at an early stage to de-risk your project.  Our experts can carry out a professional assessment of your site and conduct a Sequential Test Assessment and Exception Test Assessment on your behalf.

They can also liaise directly with the Local Planning Authority to agree the geographical area that needs to be covered and the preferred method for comparing flood risk between sites.

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