Design & Access Statements

We’ll give your D&A some TLC.

Design & Access (‘D&A’) Statements are required for major planning applications and listed building consent applications.   Also, where your site falls within a designated area such as conservation areas and World Heritage Sites, a D&A Statement will be required for applications comprising one or more dwellings or buildings creating over 100sqm of floorspace.

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D&A Statements should include the following headings.

What buildings and spaces will be used for.


The number of proposed units for residential use and the amount of floorspace and distribution of other uses.  Where the development involves an extension to an existing building, the additional floorspace, volume and overall dimensions should be set out.


The way the buildings, routes and open spaces are provided, placed and orientated to each other.  The statement should show that safety and security issues have been fully taken into account.  The relationship of the buildings to adjacent streets and open spaces is particularly important.


The height, width and length of a building in relation to its surroundings.  This needs to be justified in terms of local character, council policy and guidance and urban design principles.


How open spaces will be treated to enhance and protect the local character.  The statement should consider how the landscaping can enhance the buildings and surrounding area, while also remaining sustainable and improving biodiversity.


How the building and spaces will look – for example, building materials and architectural details.


The statement needs to cover two potential aspects of access, which should be considered together rather than in isolation.

  • Vehicular and transport links. Why the access points and routes have been chosen, and how the site responds to road layout and public transport provision.
  • Inclusive access. How everyone can get to and move through the location on equal terms regardless of age, disability, ethnicity or social grouping.

We have considerable experience in preparing D&A Statements and can make sure they have the right level of detail to reflect the scale and significance of the proposed development.

We follow the CABE good practice guidance to ensure our D&A Statements are clear and easy to understand.

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