Third-party representations

We’ll make sure your voice is heard.

The planning system allows anyone affected by a proposal, including neighbours and the local community, to have their say about it. If they raise objections, that can affect the decision of the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

For example, you might be concerned about a new development being proposed nearby, and how this might affect your privacy, or the character of the local area.

This is even more important if you live within a Conservation Area or an Area of Special Landscape Character, or if your dwelling is a listed building.

Alternatively, you might be part of a local community group with concerns over proposals that could affect your village or town as a whole.

third party representations

Whatever your situation, we can provide professional advice on how to represent your own interests and those of the wider community.

We can also make representations to the LPA, attend Committee Meetings and present to local members on your behalf, so decision-makers hear your concerns loud and clear.

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